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It's All About God's Empowering Presence

Life is full of choices. Where to go on vacation, what’s for lunch, and many more. I’d like to suggest that we all have a very important choice that must be considered. It has huge ramifications. God has given us the responsibility of deciding who will rule our life. Christians are indwelt and sealed with the Holy Spirit at baptism, but being filled with the Spirit—in other words, being led by Him—is optional.

We are made to be the habitat for divinity. God’s Spirit will never leave us or forsake us (Heb. 13:5). But by refusing to submit to His authority over every area of our life, we limit His work in and through us. He will not override our will but waits for us to choose Him.

Scripture is clear: God wants you to have His power to overcome sin, to become the person He designed you to be, and to accomplish the work He has called you to do. You can’t do this on your own. The filling of the Spirit is His provision for this kind of supernatural living. Without it, the Christian life will be full of defeat and discouragement.

Our great God wants to motivate us to desire being filled by Him and will use many different methods to make that happen. He places a longing in our hearts to be closer to Him. He uses our feelings of inadequacy and failure that result from trying to live in our own strength. And God even uses the example of other Spirit-filled believers to make us want what they have.

While the gift is given in baptism, the Holy Spirit promises to fill us as we’re willing to yield all parts of our lives to Him. This isn’t an instantaneous event, but a gradual peeling away of the layers of self-rule. So, as God reveals an area that you have kept under your own control, surrender it, and let God fill you with His Spirit. We will talk more about this in church this month.

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June 11
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June 18
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June 25
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See you in church,

Pr. Tom