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The Foundation For Encouragement

What is the basis of our encouragement? It’s the rock-solid foundation of knowing that God loves you and desires the best for you. If you do not believe that God is a loving God, or if you do not believe that God is continually at work bringing all things toward an ultimate good for those who are His children through the redemptive work of Christ Jesus, then you probably are not encouraged within yourself. Because of that it’s almost impossible to encourage others.

But, if you know that God is a loving, merciful, forgiving God who always desires your best and works to give you His perfect good, then you can share encouragement.

Prior to sharing encouragement with others, you must hold onto four key things:
a. God’s nature
b. Jesus Christ and His work on the cross
c. The relationship that God desires to have with you and others, and
d. The work of the Holy Spirit in the world today.

Encouragement flows from what you believe. It is always an expression of your faith in God. Discouraging words are always an expression of a lack of faith in God. Watch your words but build your faith. Strong faith in Christ will result in a natural overflow of encouragement. Join us Sunday mornings!

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See you in church,

Pr. Tom